DEATH SIDE is a legendary Japanese Hardcore, Punk band active in the years 1987 to 1994 and of course the original presses of all their releases are sold for extreme high prices. DEATH SIDE play “typical” ripping and fast Japcore, intense, crushing and with a little metallic edge, great stuff for sure !!!
This compilation LP includes the material from the following releases:
A1- A6 – Satisfy The Instinct 7″ EP (1988)
A7 – A10 – V.A. Eye Of The Thrash Guerilla Comp. LP (1988)
A11 – V.A. Smashing Odds Ness !! Comp. 8″ (1987)
B12 – B15 – V.A. Hang The Sucker Vol. 2 Comp. LP (1989)
B16 – B20 – V.A. Game Of Death Comp. LP (1989)

Limited to 500 copies on Black vinyl.
(Fan Club)